Monday, August 1, 2011


Oh so humbly I return... It's been so long since I've been on here that I actually forgot what my blog was called! Why all the hiding? Well, to be really honest, it's because I fell off of that no sugar train. And I'm back to tattle on myself.

I'm not going to lie. It was fun while it lasted. But what sugar ends up doing to me is not fun. It finally caught up and I'm an anxious, nervous wreck. THAT is the outward sign of too much sugar in me. I suffer from anxiety because of sugar. It's that whole adrenal fatigue thing! And I need to get back on board that train.

I may be setting myself up for failure though by eliminating ALL sugar. So I'm going to start with no more desserts and treats for a while. I've been reeeeeeaaallllllyyyy obnoxious about the amount of sugar I've eaten. So this time I'm going to keep the fruit and get rid of the cake balls, caramelitas, muffins, Starbucks... the list goes on.

Months ago when I wrote that I love my family more than sugar, I meant it. And now I need to show it. As I learned this past Sunday, a little bit of laziness can be very very dangerous. This was beyond lazy. It was knowing what was right and not doing it. That is the most dangerous of all. And then mix that with laziness and selfishness and procrastination... you end up with an overload of sugar and anxiety and someone who didn't do what they said they would. Disgusting.

So, I'm sort of slinking back in here, embarrassed. Ready to try this again. Needing to live out what I know to be true. Physically, nutrionally, and spiritually. God made all of me, and I'm all His. I better start behaving that way and not just picking and choosing what parts of me He can have.