Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here we gooooooo...

So. Here I go. For years now, Shawn has wanted me to blog. Others have also mentioned it. And today Emily gave me that final push. Thanks Em ;)

I titled the blog "Life on a mission...." because I am ALWAYS on a mission. A mission to find a new recipe that can fit into our food allergy ridden family. A mission to be a better mom. A mission to be a better wife. A mission to know my Father even better. A mission to BE ON TIME. I am always on a mission. I wear myself out!

I hope that as I ramble on, you can laugh at me. And I hope that in the things I share that you can further your own knowledge on food allergies and health. If just one person is benefited by the things that I'm learning, the blog will be worth it. I am by NO means a professional or an expert in the area of food allergies or health. But I've learned so much since sweet Lolly was born. So, why not share it along with the stories of Evie, Lolly and Wyatt?

Here we goooooooo

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